Who We Are

Learn more about who we are and what we do.

We Are

14+ Years Experienced


Jordan’s Landscaping started off as just your small and average lawn mowing business but overtime became something much larger. We now build custom pools, do lawn work, custom gardening, and much more.

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<h2>Started the Company</h2>

Started the Company

Jordan's landscaping was created as just a small lawn cutting business.


<h2>Full Team</h2>

Full Team

As we expanded, so did our amazing team.


<h2>More Services</h2>

More Services

As we continue to grow, so do the services we offer.




Jordan's landscaping is doing better than ever.

What makes us right for you?

When you hire us you’re not just getting a service, you’re getting a quality and friendly team that works around the clock to make your dreams a reality. Our customers are the reason why we’ve made it this far.

We Show Up

We're always on time, usually even early to jobs.


We only require half down payment up front.


We take pride and passion in all of our work.

Our Friends & Partners

These aren’t just clients, they’re our friends


Years of Experienece


Completed Projects


Expert Team Members


Corporate Partners

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